A Student review of Zootopia

Well if you found this blog I’m going to apologize upfront I didn’t expect anyone could find this I mean look at the domain name of the site. Anyway because my teacher told me to make a blog for a grade I have to do this feel free to click away at any time.

For the people who forgot or don’t know what Zootopia is here is a brief rundown of the movie. In a city lived in by human-like animals who have given up natural predator and prey Ideology in favor of a more civilized one, A rabbit police officer Judy Hopps voiced by Jennifer Goodwin is forced to work with a con artist fox named Nick Wilde voiced by Jason Bateman to solve the case of a missing otter. When some of the predators revert back to their primitive state. It is up to Judy and Nick to find out why. Now that is out of the way I can get started on my review of the movie.

To tell you the truth I have nothing to really say about this movie. It was a nice wholesome movie that had a good lesson for kids to learn. I thought it was a funny and charming movie. The only flaws I see is the song they put in gets annoying for me because I re-watch the movie a lot of times so the “Try Everything” song gets annoying real quick. The other flaw is that their message can get a little preachy at times in the movie. Other than that it is a good movie 9/10 in my book. I would recommend you watch it.